Laura and Cristina Marotta found in hyperrealism the way of communicating life
They go together along the same way
They reach the same quality generating a rich and creative interaction

By the means of small an nervous or deep and voluminous brushstrokes, they transmit the furious glance of a leopard, the bright of the tender eyes of a boxer waiting for its master, the trotting of a sorrel horse, the velvety smell of a rose,
a tavern which invites us to have a drink, ...or that sailing boat in a stormy night.

They capture everything with their refined technique. With details more than photographic.
The seduction that classic painting has always caused to them, where every detail is the main character,
where the brightness, the light and shadow sculpt the figures, was the trigger to make their views nourish
with the sensuality of nature and the everyday objects, sometimes imperceptible for the people view.

In this permanent search for finding their own space, they discover the emotion of meeting in the work of the master
Rodolfo Insaurralde, with whom they deep their vocation, achieving the command of the technique.

Moved for the atmosphere of mystery of the Carnival of Venice, they present a series where they underline inserts,
satins, tulles, transparencies, cost embroideries, feathers, pearls, masks, metals.

They participated in the International Art Expo New York 2004 and 2005.
Their paintings were exhibited in the Pasos Perdidos Hall of the National Congress and in the WIPE Hall
at Buenos Aires Space, in the Exhibition Hall Clarin in Mar del Plata, in Brandemberg Hall in Coronel Suarez city,
at the Naval Center and at La Catedral Restó in La Plata city.

Their pieces are appreciated by professionals in architecture and in interior design, and also by firms and
private collectors in Argentina and abroad. The Marotta hyperrealist paintings are an ideal complement for
decorating in all styles. They are exhibited, and acquired by tourists in several hotels in Buenos Aires and
in other cities of the country. They also develop works in response to special demands.